Our Technical Highlights

ABPM starts with the somnoTOUCH™ NIBP.

The SOMNOtouch™ NIBP represents the latest generation of ambulatory blood pressure recording at CARDIOdiagnostics a division of SOMNOmedics. It measures blood pressure continuously, beat-to-beat, based on the pulse transit time (PTT).

The PTT is the time required for the pulse wave to propagate along the vessel wall between two defined points. In the case of the SOMNOtouch NIBP – From the left ventricle of the heart (defined by the ´R´peak of the ECG) – to the finger tip (detected by the plethysmograph).

Our Beat to Beat Reporting

Imagine being able to see a patient’s cardio-health over 24 hours: Where you can see a continuous, reaction-less beat-to-beat data set. That’s now possible thanks to the big data provided by our patented PTT method. Click below to see an example of a 24h blood pressure report from our analytics software.

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