Mindray Sub-Acute Range

Safer care with connected vitals

Safety through efficiency

Mindray’s vital signs monitoring solution helps unlock the full potential of bedside assessments to improve patient outcomes. With flexible connectivity streamlining workflows, caregivers can efficiently gather quality data to improve patient safety.

Comprehensive patient data center
Caregivers can combine spot check and continuous data to create holistic data records
for greater accuracy.

Retrieve historical data from the CMS and review previous spot check or NEWS2, PEWS,
MEOWS results on any VS9.

Check patient’s previous records without relying on local device storage – protecting
patient data and keeping the device in use.

Seamless and secure EMR connectivity
Integrate with your hospital EMR through standard IHE HL7 protocol for better system scalability.

Patient care beyond vital signs
From routine observations and EWS scoring, to falls assessment and pain scales, the VS9 helps reduce manual transcription and errors, enhancing nursing efficiency and patient safety.

− Input 30 manual parameters for comprehensive care
− 15-second BP readings for comfortable vitals
− Unique Orthostatic BP tool indicates fall risk
− Automatic NEWS2 calculation
− Optional Respiration Rate recorded from SpO2 sensor

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