Epicardio Simulation

Epicardio Simulation

Master the Complexity of the Heart

About Epicardio

3D Simulation

Advanced real-time 3D simulation that shortens the cardiology learning curve


Fully validated within the medical academia and industry

True to Life Responses

Experience true-to-life patient responses on your device and over the web

Advantages of Simulation

  • In Epicardio Simulation™ all cardiac electrical activity is generated in real-time and directly adapts to user interaction
  • Offers active learning-by-doing, which is both fun and sticks in the mind, as opposed to passive learning
  • Accurate ECG and Cardiac EP signals are generated live in real-time
  • Accessible online from your web browser or as downloadable app on MacOS and Windows systems – coming soon on tablet devices

All products include:

Fully validated course content to med-school level and foundation years. Structured step by step interactive tutorials and tests using engaging real-time interactive 3D simulation. You see the live 12-lead ECG adapt to your changes. Content is continually enhanced – you receive free upgrades throughout your subscription. Comprehensive range of pathologies accurately modelled and taught, including: Introduction to the Heart, Normal Rhythm, Cardiac Axis, Conduction Abnormalities, AV Blocks and Bradycardias, Atrial Arrhythmias, Supraventricular Tachycardias, Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, Ventricular Arrhythmias, Ischaemia and Infarction, Misc Abnormalities, Combinations of Pathologies and MCQ ECG Test. All products are available in English and Mandarin 所有产品均提供英文和普通话.

ECG selfstudyPACING selfstudyCARDIAC EP selfstudyPRO/EDUCATOR
2-day free trial2-day free trial2-day free trial2-day free trial
Suitable for self-studySuitable for self-studySuitable for self-studySuitable for professional use, educational teaching and corporate demonstrations
40 structured tutorials on cardiac pathologies including AV Blocks, Arrhythmias, WPW, Ischaemia, etc.Includes all content from ECG plus:Includes all content from ECG and PACING plus:Includes all content from ECG, PACING and CARDIAC EP
ECG MCQ Test and QuizPacing tutorials: Single Chamber, Dual Chamber, BiVentricular, Quadripolar and Temporary PacingCardiac EP tutorials
Control physiological parameters, such as: Heart Rate, Conduction Velocity, Refractory Period, etc.St Jude Medical/Abbott Multi-Point pacingPlace EGM electrodes
Create blocks and accessory pathwaysControl pacemaker parameters, such as: Pacing Rate, Voltage, Sensitivity, Sensed and Paced AV Delay, etc.Program electrical stimulus and perform pacing
Administer drugsPerform PacingConduct EP study
Use a temporary pacemaker (limited function) and defibrillatorSee Phrenic Nerve stimulation(Perform Ablation – coming soon)
While you see the live 12-lead ECG adapt to your changesWhile you see the live 12-lead ECG adapt to your changesWhile you see the live 12-lead ECG and 6 EGM signals adapt to your changes
1-y subscriptions1-y subscriptions1-y subscriptions1-y subscriptions

Value for Any Cardiology Training Program

“Epicardio has proven a valuable educational resource for our physiology department over the past 3 years. Simulation is an extremely important adjunct in training. Epicardio offers integration of cardiac anatomy and electrical activity in real-time interactive simulation, meaning physiologists at all stages of their training can piece together ECG and electrogram recognition with normal cardiac function as well as pathologies. I believe Epicardio would form a valuable part of any cardiology department’s training program.”
Alex Cambridge, Chief Cardiac Physiologist, Barts Heart Centre

ECG Practical

“The ECG practical with Epicardio went really well. Overall I and the other colleagues that helped running the tutorial are very satisfied.”
Prof Manuela Zaccolo, Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics, University of Oxford