customed GmbH

Customed GmbH

Since 1982, the customed GmbH brand has been well-known for innovative system solutions in cardiopulmonary diagnostics. We offer professional solutions taking account of your individual organisational requirements and IT structures. No matter if your installation is based on a stationary or mobile system, a single-user workstation or multi-site network solution, in a general practice or in a hospital – your modular custo med system will be a profitable investment for the future.

Resting & Stress ECG

custo cardio 300

Versatile and mobile 12-channel resting/stress ECG

  • Sampling rate up to 32 kHz
  • Improved pacemaker detection with measurement of PM pulses
  • Exchangeable patient cable (banana plug, electrode clips)
  • ECG quality check directly on the device
  • Start/Stop key for recording directly on the device
  • Countdown display for 10-second ECG
  • Battery runtime approx. 10 h
  • Mobile use on all PCs (USB, BT/WiFi)
  • Easy and cost-effective extension to cardiac stress test is possible

Holter Monitoring

custo guard

Modern Holter with novel patch electrodes

  • 3 channels with two independent leads
  • Completely wireless and perfect for hygienic application
  • Optimum recording quality with the new custo wing electrode
  • Fast and stable device communication and data transfer
  • Short battery charge times
  • Pacemaker detection
  • Position and motion detection
  • Check for correct application through PC monitoring
  • Bluetooth Low Energy for mobile applications
  • LED status display for charge status and HR detection
  • Protection class IP65: perfect for disinfection
  • Very long recording time
  • Running time up to 120 hours with only one battery
  • Very small and lightweight with only 30 g
  • Docking station custo base with one or six spots for device communication and as charging station

Auto BP Monitoring

custo screen 300

Robust ABPM recorder, validated according to ESH-IP 2010

  • Higher patient comfort due to low-noise operation
  • Blood pressure adapted pump regulation for patient-friendly measurement
  • High safety due to double pressure relief valve
  • Skin-friendly, easy-to-disinfect cuff (small, standard, large, x-large, xx-large)
  • Wireless data transfer from the recorder to the PC
  • Precise measurement even with atrial fibrillation
  • Perfect for the measurement of central blood pressure (only custo screen 310)
  • Automatic day and night recognition
  • Validated according to the new requirements of the European Society of Hypertension