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Medical innovations often emerge from start-up or small medical device companies that may only have a single product in their portfolio and limited resources to bring their outstanding technology to markets like Australia and Asia.

Before entering a market, due diligence must be taken. Cardio-Jenic’s consulting service can assist you in understanding the market, your position within it, analyse your likely outcomes and make recommendations to move forward with a greater likelihood of success, as well as assisting you to develop a marketing and business plan that connects you with the best partner in Australia, whether that be Cardio-Jenic or one of our many local innovation partners.

Medical device regulatory requirements can be complex. Cardio-Jenic’s consulting service will provide expert market access by developing a regulatory strategy to ensure compliance, device registration and in-country regulatory sponsorship,

Cardio-Jenic can also provide pre-market access to research clinicians to drive an informed understanding of the key elements that could impact on the clinical use of your product in specific markets like Australia.  We do this by connecting you with our highly scrutinized cohort of eminent clinical researchers to develop local research content essential to a successful market launch.  

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