A Socio-Technological Sales Framework in a virtual world

The COVID-19 pandemic and consequent border lockdowns have brought immediate and wide-ranging challenges for most B2B sales industries. This is even more amplified for those of us in the healthcare industry, whereby hospitals have in many states excluded external contractors from entering their sites. For most companies, the challenge of adapting to the new normal has required adaptation from traditional face-to-face sales methodology with less opportunities to make those doctor calls, and no conferences, trade exhibits or clinical meetings other than virtual meetings to get the attention of the busy specialist.

Introducing new technology to the cardiology sector has a long lead time in the best of circumstances as most cardiologists and technicians often are not early adopters of new technology and we’d argue, nor would you want them to be. Our Federal Government has encouraged investment into business through utilisation of the increased $150,000 instant asset write off tax scheme. It is an opportune time to invest in better technology that drive improved patient outcomes.

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Cardio-Jenic, as an innovation company specialising in new technology, has had to adapt to embrace a new Socio-Technological Sales Framework that in the long term may even have greater benefits for our customers. Web-based video conferencing platforms like Zoom allows the specialist or technical staff to choose meeting times more suited to their busy schedules, rather than the traditional rep call. Many of our cloud-based solutions allow full customer access to enhance their user experience as they get to “play” with the technology in their time. Remote desktop software such as TeamViewer can also support the sales process as well as allowing remote access for troubleshooting if required. We have also completely “tooled” up various laptops as virtual sales assistants, that we can express to your surgery for a fuller user experience.

As an innovation company, Cardio-Jenic has taken advantage of varying technologies that allows us to demo new technology throughout Australia, in your time at your pace. Many of our customers from Perth to North Queensland have already benefited from our virtual sales approach.

In your time, at your pace

For more information please contact Carolyn Jensen on

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