HeartSciences Announces New Product Innovation Award from Frost and Sullivan

MyoVista® AI-based ECG Device detects Left Ventricle Dysfunction

SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS – July 28, 2020– HeartSciences, a medical device company focused on advancing the field of electrocardiology through innovation, announced it has been awarded a New Product Innovation Award – Europe by Frost & Sullivan, a leader in global research and consulting solutions.

HeartSciences MyoVista® Wavelet ECG (wavECG™) Cardiac Testing Device uses artificial intelligence to detect left ventricular (LV) relaxation abnormalities related to LV diastolic dysfunction (LVDD), an early indicator of most forms of heart disease. Specifically, the MyoVista wavECG Device provides information relating to the echo measurement e’ which has previously not been possible using an ECG.

LV diastolic function is impaired by all of the common heart disease processes that affect LV function. Thus, detecting impaired relaxation through the use of 12-lead ECG testing is a potential game-changer for front-line heart disease testing.

“We are pleased that HeartSciences’ MyoVista wavECG Technology has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan,” said Mark Hilz, President and CEO. “Through technology leadership HeartSciences is demonstrating new possibilities in the capability of an ECG to effectively detect a wider range of heart disease conditions. We believe our first indication for LV relaxation abnormalities will be the first of many.”

Frost & Sullivan analysts follow a 10-step process to evaluate Award candidates and assess their fit with select best practice criteria. The reputation and integrity of the Awards are based on close adherence to this process. The firm’s 360-degree research methodology represents the analytical rigor of its research process, offering a 360-degree-view of industry challenges, trends, and issues by integrating all 7 of Frost & Sullivan’s research methodologies into an evaluation platform for benchmarking industry players and for identifying those performing at best-in-class levels.

About HeartSciences

HeartSciences’ sits at the forefront of innovation and technological development focused on advancing the field of electrocardiology to provide early heart disease detection. Its first product, the MyoVista® Wavelet ECG (wavECG™) Cardiac Testing Device, is a resting 12-lead electrocardiograph that uses AI and continuous wavelet transform (CWT) signal processing to provide cardiac information associated with left ventricular diastolic disfunction (LVDD), a condition which has not been possible to detect previously using electrocardiology. LVDD is associated with almost all forms and co-morbidities of heart disease including hypertension, diabetes, valvular disease, ischemia, and reduced systolic function.

The MyoVista Device additionally provides all the information and capabilities of a full-featured conventional resting 12-lead ECG within the same test and follows the same clinical AHA/IEC lead placement protocol.

HeartSciences is a privately held U.S. corporation based in Southlake, Texas.

The MyoVista Device is not currently FDA cleared and is not available in the United States.

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For more information about HeartSciences or the MyoVista Wavelet ECG please visit http://www.heartsciences.com.

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